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Host a Musician

Bed and breakfast

When:  We ask for a commitment of 4-6 days  for hosting; if you are comfortable with hosting for longer, please let us know. We are currently looking for hosts for the time between August 7th-25th, 2024.

Who would I be hosting?: All of our MSCM artists are courteous, responsible and mature adults who will not require anything of you other than a place to sleep and the use of the kitchen for breakfast. We will take care of transportation to and from rehearsals, etc., as well as lunch and dinner. Our talented artists come from all different parts of the country and are truly extraordinary individuals. We are confident that both host and musician will be rewarded by the opportunity to get to know one another.

Will the guest be loud?: Our artists will need to practice during their stay and if you have never had a professional musician play in your house, you will be in for a treat.  There is something extremely special about listening in on spectacular music being casually explored by a fantastic musician in your own house.  If this might be too disruptive to your home, however, it is possible to host a musician and let us make arrangements that they practice elsewhere.

If you’re thinking about getting involved but concerned the what it will require of you, take it from one of our wonderful supporters who has been hosting these past two years: They are so self sufficient it is really just getting them a quiet, comfortable room to lay down their heads in the evening!

E-mail us to sign up or learn more!